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With the richness of interchange between performing and teaching as an essential key to her work, Pia Liptak has encouraged an understanding of music among children and students of all ages for more than three decades. Pia has taught privately and at various music institutions. For several years she was at the faculty of the Odense Music School in Denmark, where she taught in the elementary and pre-college programs. She is currently a faculty member at the Hochstein School of Music and Dance where she teaches violin, chamber music, and is the director of an adult string orchestra.


While most of her current students are violinists, Pia has done extensive work as a teacher of piano, chamber music, ear-training and theory. She has worked with college students aiding them with public relations management and graphic design of promotional materials. She has presented lectures and workshops at colleges and conferences, performed in schools, and adjudicated music competitions. In her endeavors, she has been an advocate for bringing all levels of musicianship together.


In addition to her wide knowledge of repertoire and her performance skills, Pia Liptak has outstanding abilities as a teacher. In the teaching situation she maintains a high standard of achievement and has the musical knowledge, articulateness, energy and sensitivity to other people which are essential qualities of an excellent teacher. 
Catherine Tait


Pia Liptak exhibits an extraordinary capacity for leadership. Highly musical as well as technically proficient she possesses a warm and ingratiating personality. She has the qualifications of an excellent teacher and the stamina required of a successful performer.
John Celentano


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