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ENSEMBLES - a glimpse back

Previous Engagements

Pia was previously the concertmaster of the Fynske Sinfonietta,

a string ensemble of fifteen players in Denmark and she has been a member of other Danish professional orchestras including the Odense Symphony and the Sønderjyllands Symphony Orchestras. Before she began her college studies, Pia served as the principal second violin of the youth orchestra Risingstrygerne and, as a student at the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music, she was the Academy Orchestra's concertmaster for several years.

Duo vio-LINK-oto

Violin and Japanese Koto

Ryuko Mizutani and Pia Liptak established their duo in 2002 and were particularly interested in increasing the repertoire for the ensemble by commissioning new works. Their pioneering work resultet in several works written for and dedicated to the duo. Pia and Ryuko appear CDs, two of which were recorded for Centaur Records. 

In 1999, Pia Liptak joined the University of Rochester Symphony Orchestra as the concertmaster. This orchestra includes college students, community players, and music teachers; it consists of more than 100 performers. It's Pia's 17th season with the orchestra this year. She will be on leave from the orchestra in the fall but return in the spring of 2016.

Chamber Music

Previous Collaborations

Chamber music has always been a signaficant part of Pia's work.

She has collaborated with many musicians in a variety of instrument constellations. The following collaborations are a few highlights from the latest decade.

Liptak-Beaudette Duo

Violin and Piano

Canadian-American pianist Sylvie Beaudette and Pia Liptak began their collaboration in 2001. The duo’s series “Nordic Harmonies” featured music by composers from the performers’ native countries – Denmark and Canada. A third project included performances of American works. In 2005 Pia and Sylvie received the Chapin Grant for their research exploring Canadian violin and piano repertoire. 

Legno Duo

Two Violins

In 2001, violinists Pia Liptak and Margaret Leenhouts created Legno Duo, combining their individual performance experiences to present the many exciting works that have been written for this venerable instrumental combination. Legno Duo frequently collaborated with other string players and keyboardists to increase the scope and flexibility of its repertoire. 

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